Arena Indore

Digital Architecture Design

Digital Architecture & Interior Design

Enter a revolutionary Digital Architecture world.

Create high-end architectural models, walkthroughs & photorealistic effects with AutoCAD and 3Ds MAX. Join courses designed exclusively for engineers, architects, and interior designers in NICT Computer Education.
Architecture and the design of the urban environment involves a multitude of stakeholders: engineers, architects, planners and non-specialists. All of which view the process from different perspectives, with different objectives, needs and wants in mind. This obviously has many challenges, however, for any architectural project to be a success it requires a “shared understanding” to be reached between all of the parties involved… Luckily 3D rendering and architectural visualizations techniques can help with this.

Digital Architecture Design Overview

Digital Architecture & Interior Design trains students to create interior & exterior designs by merging the best of graphic, animation, live footage, music, sound, interactive and unconventional media tools.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Autodesk CAD 
  • Autodesk 3D Max
  • Google Sketchup

On completion, this program opens up a wide range of job roles for the students:

Autocad Designer | 2D Draftsman | Architect Visualizer | 3D Stall Designer | 3D PackShot Artist | Motion Graphic Artist | Interior Designer

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